The Nubian Man

Here to avenge the deaths of the Nubian people! Suitable for 13 y/o and up

RIP Deric Garner

The Nubian Council sat in stoic silence as Nubian Man entered the council chamber. The meeting was taking place in an underground location somewhere in the city. The meetings they had with Nubian Man were always under the cover of darkness. It was early in the morning before dawn and they wanted to meet to discuss the situation concerning the recently slain young man, Derik Garner. 

When Nubian Organs Are Played - Part 1

His legs were getting heavier and heavier as he dealt with the thickness of the mud he was tracking through. The legs belonged to Raymond Schuler, the notorious organ dealer and on his heels was Nubian Man. He could hear Nubian Man getting closer. He knew he’d be caught soon so he decided that continuing to run would be futile as he slowed to a stop huffing and puffing. With hands on his knees and bent over he could no longer hear Nubian Man trailing but he knew he was around. He could feel it.

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