The Nubian Man

Here to avenge the deaths of the Nubian people! Suitable for 13 y/o and up


Nubian Man

Black superhero pledging to avenge the deaths of Nubian people at the hands of an unjust justice system and racists.  Nubian Man’s actions are governed by the council. 

Dr. Harry Jeffries, III

Director of African American Studies at Harry Jeffries University in Brooklyn. A proud and handsome black man, he loves giving back to the Brooklyn community in which he works. Standing at 6 feet 2 plus, his chiseled body never goes unnoticed by the women. 


A rogue vigilante group from Brooklyn that share Nubian Man’s mission but their eye for an eye approach is far more gully. 

Smoke's Nyla Stone

A former Spellman University professor of Genealogy.  She has traced her roots back to the early 1600’s in Timbuktu. She was the most sought after female Nubian speaker in the world who inspired many to learn about their roots.  A master bow and arrow markswoman, she can shoot an arrow into a bullseye from 200 yards away. She won a gold medal in the 1992 summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain for the United States but was not celebrated due to her outspokenness of the country’s lack of interest in helping several impoverished African countries. She found out her father was assassinated by the U.S. government in 1980 for findings he discovered while working for the FDA. 

Smoke's Smiley Killer

Is a short-tank built man in his late 40’s. He broke outta jail after witnessing Larry Davis’ murder inside Rikers Island and knew he was next on the list. He vows revenge on every racist or unjust person.

Smoke's Shaka Black

An actual descendant of the Zulu nation. Born in South Africa, he migrated to the U.S. at age 4 in 1980. Upon acquiring his Master’s degree in African Studies from NYU, he was recruited by the CIA to spy on African delegates within the United Nations. When he refused, they tried to deport him to no avail. He’s been underground ever since. A trained black belt, he is also a master of ancient African weaponry. 

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